In the beginning, Fidelio Group LLC worked only in the medical market. As Fidelio Group LLC developed its international provider network, it increased the number of items available for its clients. This is how Fidelio Group LLC ended up providing veterinarian equipment, and most recently industrial equipment. In the future, Fidelio Group LLC hopes to increase its sales working with the relationships already established in various other markets.
Veterinary Supply Procurement


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Medical Supply Procurement
Fidelio Group LLC is a procurement agency for Latin American countries. It currently acts in this territory as a supplier for medical and veterinarian supplies and equipment.
Industrial Equipment Procurement

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Its two co-founders Dr Gadith Gabel MD and Dr Michael Gabel DPT established Fidelio Group LLC October 8th 2015. Fidelio Group LLC’s mission is to provide quality products, to be a trusted consultant to its clients, and to enhance their management efficiency and profitability.